zondag 18 maart 2007

Fairing float no. 2.

Just like with the first float I put on fairing compound by first making ridges of compound on the hull, sanding them down and use the ridges as a guide for putting de fairing compound on the hull.

donderdag 15 maart 2007

Bow Cap no. 2.

This bow cap I made out of normal 80 kg/m3 foam instead of the lighter foam I used for the first bow cap. A lot harder to sand!

woensdag 7 maart 2007

First side float no. 2 laminated

Unlike on the first float, I did not make the glass overlaps on the edge of the deck (as specified in the plans), but in the middle of the deck in a rabbet. Much easier laying up glass and also easier to fair. Apart from that you can glass the float in two days instead of three. Why didn't I think of this before? To do this you need glass that's about 1.25 meter wide.

Detail of the rabbet and the opening I had to cut to set right my (near) disaster with the compression strut.

maandag 5 maart 2007

Hey stupid! part 2

While walking to my work and thinking of building the boat, I suddenly realised I forgot to put the compression strut into float no. 2. Pffff glad I thought of it in time (before laminating the exterior). I'd rather not think about what could have happened if I'd never noticed my mistake.
It was not much work to set my failure right: make a hole, put in the strut, glue a flange and put back the cut-away deck.

Lesson Learned: don't rush things. I try to keep pace building while having a full time job and a family with two small children. That means I can only build small periods of time in between all sorts of other work and household things. It makes it a bit more difficult to keep track. In the future I'll have to stay more focussed.