maandag 23 april 2007


I think it's ready enough. Still need to touch up a few small spots, but I'll do that when I paint the boat. For now I'll leave the hull primed and sanded 180 grit.

woensdag 18 april 2007

Float 2 primed

I primed float no. 2 using a low-pressure-high-volume paint spray machine. It gave a much smoother finish than using a roller like I did on float no. 1. I sprayed two normal coats and one colored coat as a guide coat. First photo is the float without primer, the second one is after primer.

maandag 9 april 2007

Epoxy coating float 2

I tried a tip I found surfing the internet: coating the faired hull with two layers epoxy (wet-in-wet) to fill all the pinholes and small imperfections. My impression after sanding the layers down is it may have some possitive effect, but not enough to make up for all the extra work. I would'nt recommend it (maybe except for people who aspire the ultimate finish - I'm not one of them).

zondag 8 april 2007

Dust, dust, dust

I'm doing a lot of sanding. It's amazing how much dust gets into the air and on and in everything in the room. And in my nose and mouth. After working without protection one day I was coughing and sneezing white slime and decided it was time to be sensible and ALWAYS wear a dust mask. Glad I'm almost done fairing.