dinsdag 18 juni 2013

Some work on the rig: new shroud-anchors, halyard re-installed and furler

My side shrouds were anchored in the mast with 2 6mm dyneema loops (basically soft shackles) with stopper knots. After reading some reports of test of the breaking strength of soft shackles on this very nice site, I decided to redo the loops. Seems diamond knots have way bigger impact on breaking strength than we thought.

This time we used a new type dyneema (DM20), in europe it's used to make a new product called dynastay, a very stiff and compact 12 strand type dyneema line, with nearly no creep. Probably a bit like dyna dux, but I couldn't source dux in the Netherlands.
Breaking load is 5200 kg (!!!) for 6 mm rope, more than enough because breaking load of the shrouds should be 4200 kg as per plans.

Quality of pictures is not so good lately, I'll have to dig out my old camera as the phone camera is not really up to the task.

With the mast down I also had to reinsert a halyard. After a lot of failed attempts with the tool to guide electrical wire (sorry, don't know english word) my brother thought of possibly the best way to guide the line I have ever seen: just tape some of the sail battens of the mainsail together and stick them into the mast. Within a few minutes the halyard was set again.

To replace some longe stainless steel strips which were used to attach my furler-drum to the forestay-rack, we made a dyneema loop - partly covered with some flexible pvc hose. This loop can withstand enought torque to keep the furler pointing in the right direction. The loose ends were of course removed, tapered and stitched later on....

With the close up picture the wear on the finish of the boat realy shows. My plan is to repair/repaint all the visible exterior of the boat this winter.

Next posts will be on sails. I'm eagerly awaiting a new jib (self tacking, made by de vries-UK) and a new mainsail (made by Doyle in New Zealand).

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