vrijdag 31 augustus 2007

New workshop

This weekend I can start using my new workshop. My attic at home is not big enough to build the main hull.

The workshop is part of a building which will be demolished, but for the time being is let to people like me who just need a place to work without any luxury. I'm really glad I found this place. Suitable workspace is hard to find in my city (The Hague, Netherlands).

The good thing about the workshop is that it's near my home (5 minutes walk) and just big enough to join the main hull but.....

the down side is that it's quite expensive and that it's on the second floor (yes, an attic again). Maybe I should call my boat 'High Build'.

I will have to figure out how to get the hull out of the workshop. It will just fit through the doors (height of doors is approximately 1,80 meter) so the hull will have to stay horizontally until it's almost out of the workshop. I'll probably cross that bridge when I get there, as usual.

Future crew member likes the workshop as well...

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GK zei

Hi Menno,
I have really enjoyed browsing your build pictures. Well done! And here I thought that my build in a small single car garage was a challenge :)
Seriously though, I am also thinking about the main hull build and have been looking at all the options.
Grant F22 #12 Raven