maandag 16 juni 2008

Doing some leftover tasks

I still had to do the exterior laminate for one beam mount. The other three I laminated while the hull was standing upright on its supports. Stupid: it's much easier to work on the mounts whith the hull laying on its side, like I did with this last mount. You can easily roll the hull on your own.
I have learned it's easiest to laminate the hull-upper folding strut slot corner later on with a light cloth instead of trying to do that while doing the 'main' laminate.

I'm also working on the mast post. It is made of a piece of hardwood. In the picture I'm using soms scrap wood to measure the angle I need to cut the mast post.

Karel Michielsen urged me to strengthen the supports for the anchor well hatch with a filet and a piece of glass, which I thought was a good idea indeed. Here's how I did it.
At the moment I'm also using a lot of time to search for companies to deliver the hardware, masts, sails, etc. I'm having a hard time finding a store to buy the metals and bolts. I bought the 1" stainless steel ball at the ebay-shop of toolsupply (thanks to Grant's blog) but that's about it till now. In the US there are some very nice online stores for small quantities metal, like and in Seattle but the shipping costs of those companies to Europe is very high. Any tips to get metals in Europe (6061 T6 Alu and 316 Stainless) are appreciated!

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chris moller zei

Menno, the boat's looking really impressive! I like the hardwood mastpost. After 2.5 yrs waiting and trying to get this project off the ground I have also finally started -

So Sail 30 will be in your neighbourhood - and hopefully not too far behind you re getting the boat in the water... dreams but not from want of trying - cheers Chris (based in Groningen)

Menno zei


looked at your blog and with this building speed your boat might be finished earlier! I hope to finish mine before the beginning of next summer.

If you're still looking for aluminium: I believe I found a supplier in Holland willing to deliver small quantities. If you're interested, let me know.