maandag 23 juni 2008

Port side windows + mastpost

Putting on ridges of fairing compound with a candy bag on the port side. This time I put on more ridges than I used to do, about every 5 cm, and this worked better for me.After the ridges have been sanded flush they are used as guides to put two layers of fairing compound on.
Then it's time to sand with the long board (P40). Notice the bad spot above the front window in the picture below? On this spot there was some not cured fairing compound - apparantly not properly mixed by me. Stupid and some extra work....I'll make sure this won't happen again.
I used a different manner than on the starboard side to mark the cutouts. This time I used the templates to mark the outline of the windows, and then used a flexible batten (and some nails) to mark the cutout (2,5 cm overlap window) in stead of just sliding the templates 2,5 cm up/down. I believe this way the cutout is slightly more 'fair'. Not that anyone will ever notice once the windows are glued on.....
The hardwood mastpost is glued in place, and has to be trimmed and glassed to the cabin roof. I'm thinking about putting a lifting eye in the deck just aft of the mast foot (and two lifting eyes just aft of the aft beam mounts), so I'll probably strengthen this area a bit with UD running up on the aft side of the mast post to the deck + some biax on top of that.
With all the basis components and cutouts done, I'll put the hull upside down and start faring the ceiling and sides of the interior and the outside of the hull.

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what is this? a submarine made from 465 stainless bars?