zaterdag 8 november 2008

Interior primed, exterior work

Still busy fairing the interior and exterior. This is taking longer than I thought. It's a lot of surface, with all kinds of nasty turns, corners and edges.

Interior fairing is finished..
....and primed with normal house primer. The floorboards and the lid of the centerboard case will be made of some blue flightcase material I happened to have laying around. Still have to trim the centerboard flange.The exterior is almost covered with fairing putty. Still have to do the cockpit floor and the starboard cockpit seat. I did a rough sanding, and will do one extra run with putty and sanding to finish all the last spots. I won't try to get all the walking areas perfect, as they will be covered with non-skid. Will work hardest on the shiney areas (cabin sides & cockpit coaming & main bulkhead).Detail of the traveler, mounted on hardwood blocks.

4 opmerkingen:

chris moller zei

looking really great menno - nice work!

Menno zei

Chris, thanks.
How's the building of your boat getting along? Looks like Tovio is building really fast.
Are you already looking for a mast and if so, did you find a good mast section?

Grant zei

Just curious about the type of hard wood you're using for the traveller mount?
Interior looks great.

Menno zei


It's mahogany. I'll probably just impregnate it with "Owatrol oil" to make it rot-resistant.