maandag 8 december 2008

Primer (finally)

I'm finally busy putting high build primer on the top exterior. This time I'm not spraying (too much hassle + needed a lot of thinner) but just rolling. I apply two thin coats in one go: this primer hardens so quickly after applying you only need to wait 15 minutes to be able to roll the second layer without messing up the first layer. I'll sand this layer down (grit 80-120), touch up the last spots (which show much better with the primer applied) and then apply one more layer primer which I'll sand with much finer grit.
One thing I learned is it is easiest to do as much rough sanding as possible within 24 hours. The primer is already sandable without clogging the paper too much, but not as rock solid as it becomes later.

Cockpit area cleaned and ready for primer. I'll try to finish this this night.
The corners in the cockpit-area will be high gloss and very visible. To get them nice and even I put on a new fillet after fairing the flat parts of the cockpit. Not much work and I think it will look quite good.
Some advice for builders shopping for hardware: if you've built up your bow (as I have) you need a trailer-U-bolt with VERY long legs to make it to the inside of the boat. I couldn't find a suitable U-bolt and will for the time being be using a simple eye epoxyed to a piece of M10-rod.

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