vrijdag 22 mei 2009

Welding & drilling

I lend a big mig welding machine from a neighbour. Before I had only done some arc-welding. MIG-welding is much easier. Mig welding aluminium is a bit more difficult than welding steel but with a little practice it should be doable (so I'm told).
My plan was to spend a day practicing welding aluminium first, but I ran out of time. I needed to get the mastfoot + mast support ready because I need them this weekend: the boat will be assembled and moved. So after some trial welds I started on the real thing.

First part: the mast support.
Close up: bit messy but the best I could manage at that time.
Mastfoot welded in mast. It was a bit tricky welding intense enough to get the weld to penetrate both the mast and the mastfoot-plate without burning a hole in the relatively thin wall of the mast.
To drill the holes in the float (and my dummy float decks, see next post) as easy as possible I made a mold which centers on the center pins in the float deck. It can be lined up with a laser shining from the other location dowel.
Trial fit of a beam. In reality the beams look much more massiven than shows on the picture. When tapping for the saddle eyes on the beams, I missed a backing plate at three of the holes. Those holes were after consultation with Ian Farrier backed with HD epoxy mix.
Next post hopefully will show the floats two floors lower atached and working well. This weekend (today and tomorrow) me and my brother will get the main hull from the marina and install the floats.

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