zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Update (2): trampoline rail braces

The original braces under the trampoline rail on the float almost immediately broke after starting to use the boat. It's probably due to a fault by me building them, although I can't really imagine what I did wrong. Anyway, the rail worked without the braces but I got tired of the floppy feel while walking on the trampoline, so I put five sturdy braces (pvc foam wrapped in 600 gr glass) under the rail. It's not executed very well (had to work whith the boat folded on te trailer) but for now it's ok. Rail feels much more sturdy. Problem is the attachment of the rail on the float decks is loaded the wrong way because of the rigid braces - not only in sheer because of the trampoline pulling but also 'peel' - and they are developing some cracks round the tapes which hold them on te deck. I'm still planning to repaint/refair the floats to get rid of the damage caused on the first sail of the boat, and then I will make a better and permanent solution.

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Tor Rabe zei

I guess mine inner supports are stiffer (carbon) so one of my rail to float junctions has started to peel off even before launch. I'll probably put a bolt with large washer trough to reinforce the junction.

Tor Rabe zei

.....but today, still before launch, one of the inner supports on the other side broke. Guess some modifications to the plans are in place.

Menno zei


Must be annoying to have the broken supports on your just painted and brand new boat. Good thing is: the supports are well out of sight so you can try a repair without messing up the looks of the boat.
A quick fix (for time being?) which I probably should have tried but was too hasty/lazy to do might be: grind the old supports of the boat, shape a triangular piece of 1 cm thick foam to form a 'T-section wedge' as a support (I mean: the wedge is placed square to the rail), extending to the most outer side of the rail and maybe half way to the deck-side radius of the float. Tape the wedge in place and cover the last spots with some extra tape....this probably spreads the loads more evenly than my supports do, and the benefit seems the 'peeling' forces will be (partly?) eliminated as the wedge will take some of those loads.
If you go this way make sure to check if the wedge clears the main hull while folded, it will be a tight fit.

Good luck with the launch.

chris moller zei

Hi Menno, great photo - and nice to see you sitting on the wad ;) .... Hey have your or Tor talked to Ian about this inner support connection issue? Its certainly worth sharing with the guys building. By the way a wee aside, I'm gradually getting back into the game, but have a new boat builder in estonia as sadly the other guy went under (very nearly lost the boat) so there is still an F-22 happening in tallinn. :) nice to watch you enjoying yours!