dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Finally building something again - selftacking jib

A self-tacking jib has been on my wishlist for a long time.
I'll rig it with a simple straight, one meter wide, track (lewmar size 0).

Step one: a mold for two jibtrack steps. I used the 1:1 plansheets to figure out some angles for the base of the steps.

Step 2: laminating some leftover carbon unidirectional + biax. I almost forgot how easy it is to make your own parts with a bit of epoxy, glass, packing tape and a simple mold.

Step 3: cleaning up after curing. For cutting glass (with both jigsaw and 'multimaster' tool) I always use blades with an abrasive edge which are sold for cutting tiles. Works perfectly and the blades last forever.

Looking the part....

End result: track just in front of mast. The track is stiff and strong enough to be supported by the two ends only. All loads will only be on both ends anyway (jibsheet will always be end left or end right).
I ordered two ball bearing-cars and some ball bearing bloks to get a smooth ride of the jib, they're due in about two weeks.

My 20 dollar-diy continuous line furler is still working without any flaws. I'd like to get the furler a bit lower. That will probably mean I will have to build (or buy...$$$$$$$) another one with a tang which fits the slotted rack on the bullnose of the boat.

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