maandag 24 september 2007

Planking upper hull-half

I sheeted the lower half of the hull with the help of my brother. I used peel ply on the whole surface, as adviced by other builders (see the foregoing post - all thanks for the tips). It all went quite o.k. A few small bubbles but nothing serious.I'm now planking the upper hull-half. It doesn't take much time. The deck is made of 2 cm thick foam in stead of the standard 1 cm. Screws have very good holding power in the foam. I temporarily fix the foam with some screws+scrap pieces of wood on the inside, and then screw the foam from the outside.
To make the panels fit, I first temporarily attach the panel about 10 cm above the cabin-side, and then use a yardstick to trace the outline of the cabin-side on the foam. Then I cut the foam at a 45 degree angle with a jigsaw. Like this the cabinroof fits quite well on the cabin-side. No big gaps.
I used PU-glue on this joint, but it mainly made a big mess. Now I know again why I planned only to use bog to glue the foampanels of the main hull.

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