vrijdag 28 september 2007

Upper half laminated + bulkheads placed

Last three days my brother Hans has been working on the boat (thank you Hans!) and he made a lot of progress.
The deck + cabin-sides have been laminated. It turned out to be messy work, mainly due to the small walking area in the hull. There were quite a lot of bubbles and wrinkles in the final laminate, which for the greater part already have been patched. In the next hull half I won't laminate the deck and cabin side in one go again.

After the laminating/patching, the bulkhead were placed and tacked/taped into place. Unfortunately I didn't get a nice(r) picture.
The forward bunk bulkheads only fitted so-so (after some adjustment the fit was good enough, though). Fortunately the beambulkheads fitted very well. Hans worked very hard to place them at exactly the right angle. I'm certain they're fixed accurately enough. The parts of the bulkheads which will be cut away later are tacked in place with a quick filet.
To place the beam bulkheads on the gunwale line exactly level and exactly the required distance aft of the form frames I made a jig of two battens.
The lower part is screwed to the frame, one side exactly matching the gunwale-level-line..... ....the upper part exactly matching the gunwale-reference-line on the bulkhead and shifting the bulkhead the right distance backwards with the extra batten. Jay did a similar thing. Works great.

Now I first have to fit the centerboard case. The cockpitfloor and the bunks can't be fixed until the case is in the boat. I hope to fit the case somewhere next week.

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