vrijdag 7 december 2007


Working hard to get the hull ready for sheeting.

I'm pre-filling the edges of the anchorwell hatch with putty. My idea is this will give a better result than digging out the foam after laminating and cutting out the hatch. I intended to use a router to dig out the foam, but couldn't because aera in the forward section is not flat.
Instead I used a screwdriver: I 'cut' the inner and outer outline by pricking the screwdriver in the foam and then it's very easy to dig out the foam. Maybe it would have been even easier to cut the outline with a knive or chisel, but I didn't think of it. Anyway, this was much easier than using the router. Why do I always forget to do it the simple way?
Next photo's show the way I rounded the edge of the deck to the cabin side.

Marking lines at 2,5 cm from the edge. I tapered (??) the flat area a bit at the front of the cabin to end up about twice as small at the start of the cabin-deck edge.
'Fire up your planer' - to make a flat side
Two more flat areas are planed on the edges of the first planed flat area. The 'rounding' now consists of three flat areas. I tried to mark the outline of the two new flats, but that was pretty useless (not accurate enough)
Finishing: sand the four edges of the three flats down a bit, then round the whole edge with diagonal strokes of the longboard (lonboard of course in line with the edge). It came out pretty decent. Maybe some small highs and lows, but I can't fix that in this stage. The foam is too soft: when I fix one spot I'll probably sand a bit too far on another spot of the edge. I'll get it totally right when fairing the exterior with putty.

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