maandag 3 december 2007

Starting exterior

The last interior panel has been taped. I'll leave the interior for now until I can put the hull upright.
I had forgotten how easy it is to sand the foam (using grit 40). It's actually quite nice and quick work. My twinbrother sanded most of the lower half of the hull in one afternoon. The bow stilll needs some work. By the way, the foam-strip-longboard (see foregoing post) works ok, but so does a much more rigid longboard I made from a two-side laminated foamstrip.
Centerboard case has been trimmed with an electric planer to roughly match the hull. First I'll fill all the gaps, then I'll sand the last bit with a longboard.
Yet another picture of the sanded hull....
I'm also starting work on the deck. In the cutout-areas of the deck I'll put some putty in place before laminating. Afterwards I can just cut the section without having to dig out and fill the foam-edges. Here is an example of the pre-filled edge for the hole in the bow. I use a very accurate festool router to remove approximately 19 mm of the 20 mm foam thickness.

Next I'll have to round the edges of the deck to the cabin-side and the hull. The plans state it can be well rounded, but how? Should I do it just with a longboard and some guesstimating (flatten the corner with a longboard - I mean: sand the corner down to for instance a 3 cm wide flat ridge and then round the two 'new' corners with a longboard)? Or maybe I can do the edges with a piece of PVC-pipe with sandpaper glued within, but it might be difficult to get a nice even corner on a long stretch.
If anyone has a good trick or tip I would be really glad.

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Tor Rabe zei

On the floats I made a flat area as you suggest using an electrical planer, then rounded down with a piece of a PVC tube with 60 grit paper until i touched the flat in the middle. I was very happy with this method, quite fast and quite accurate.

Menno zei

Thanks Tor,
I should have used the trick with the tube on my floats.
I had a closer look on the suggested radius on the deck-cabinside in the plans, and it is more than 10 cm. Can't find a suitable tube that large, so I'll round it making some flat areas, followed by sanding. Pictures will be posted at the end of the week.
Hope the upgrading of your workshop has worked out fine..

Grant zei

Great progress Menno,
On the floats I made a flat as well. In the end I think it is your own eye that provides the best judge for a uniform edge. I found myself standing away as far as possible to get the big picture look on the overall radius.