dinsdag 27 november 2007

Main Bulkhead, cockpit floor & mast support web

After taping the main bulkhead, taping the ruddermount on the inside and making some flanges I could glue the cockpitfloor. I also glued the mast support web in place (not taped yet).

Cockpitfloor flange + plenty glue

Cockpitfloor glued and temporarily held in place with woodblocks and a piece of wood between the beam bulkheads to keep the floor straight.

Mast support web tacked in place prior to taping.

As I'm almost done taping the interior panels, I have to prepare for the dreaded longboarding. I'm experimenting with a poor-man's longboard: it's just a piece of foam with one layer of tape on top and two wooden blocks as handles. I tried to glue sandpaper with spray glue, but that didn't stick. After that I used ready made wallpaper glue: this works ok but takes a while to set enough. If the longboard works well, I'll make a few so I'll never have to wait for the glue to set.
Once I've done some sanding I'll report if the longboard works. I hope so: it's cheap to make and VERY light.

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Jay zei


Your progress is just amazing - nice work! Your building space must be staying warm, or at least warm enough that you can work thru the winter? (I'm envious if so.)


Menno zei

Jay, thanks
At the moment it's not too cold yet and I can heat my building space with three small heaters. Not sure if I can get it warm enough once it's freezing.
My brand epoxy allows using a special harder for cold temperatures (0-15 degrees celcius) and I use that for small jobs so I don't have to heat up the whole room for 24 hours to let the epoxy cure(expensive!). It's no good for bigger jobs: the open time of this fast epoxy is way too short.

Has your daggerboard already been routed?

Jay zei

No, no progress on the daggerboard yet. I am hoping within the next month, hopefully my neighbor doesn't get too busy due to the holidays.