maandag 5 november 2007

Bow web - part 2

Laminating the bow web. I did the first layer with one piece of DB. Not a very good idea (duh), just too much curves and overlaps to wrap it nicely this way. No pictures of the rest of the laminating. Let's just say 'wrapping' is not my favourite work. For the last layer I worked with several pieces of bi-axial tape (15 cm wide, I cut it in half for taping bulkheads etc.) and this went much better than the first layer. This tape is really bendable and doesn't fall apart the moment you cut it (unlike the DB cloth I used for the first layer).I screwed a piece of scrap foam to the bow and 'surformed' it level, to make a nice fitting foam insert to place the bow web on top.
I bedded the foam-insert in glue, then glued the bow web on top and used the squeezed out glue to more-or-less form a fillet on the inside. After that I taped on the inside in the still wet fillet, thinking this would give a better bond than waiting for the glue to set and trying to sand in this difficult to reach area.

I wasn't really pleased with the way the bow web looked, as it was a bit chunky and messy because of all the glass overlaps and carbon-tapes. However, after fitting the bow web it became clear how little of it will ever be visible again. Of course I knew that by reading the plan, but somehow it's different to see it right before your eyes in stead of on a piece of paper. The front of the bow web is the only 'messy' place visible. I'll tidy it up after glassing the outside of the hull.

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