woensdag 14 november 2007

Bow and little things

Unfortunately I did not make much progress this week. I've been busy closing in the bow with foam and taping that section. Not much fun: difficult working laying twisted inside the hull. Luckily it's done now. Before I can fit the second half of the bunk top I have to finish the bobstay anchor.

Bobstay anchor: foam with putty insert.

Bobstay anchor: middle section cut.

Bobstay anchor: wow, that is a lot of carbon!
Laminating the bobstay anchor wasn't a big succes. Laminating ('wrapping') pieces this small is still not my cup of tea. To continue moaning: the fit in the hull wasn't very good either. But it's no use crying over spilled milk. Currently the final layer of C is curing so tomorrow I'll glue the anchor in place and be done with it. I decided to try use vacuum to force the last layer of cloth tight around the piece. I used an ordinary shopping-bag and a tie-wrap. This works really well.

poor man's vaccum bag?

I'm also working on the rudder web. I made two jigs to glue the gudgeons exactly alligned.

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