vrijdag 23 november 2007

Bunktop & Rudder Web

The second half of the bunktop has been glued in the hull. First I had to make a flange in the most forward section, as the underside of the top can't be reached in this spot. I was in doubt if it would be easier to use the alternative for a flange as described in the plans (drop panel in a bead of putty and tape the underside and upperside of the panel only 'up') but decided it would probably be stronger to form a proper flange. This turned out to be much easier than I thougt (nearly straight section).
Flange mold...

Second half of bunktop glued in place. I use wooden blocks with screws to temporarily fix the panel. The screw-holes will be filled while taping the joints. It is very satisfying to put these large panels in the hull - it really makes a big difference in the way the hull looks on the inside.

Glueing the ruddermount with a level to check it's ..ehm..level. It's held in place with some wooden sticks, one screw and the tube (which is held at the right height with a piece of wood clamped to form frame 12).

My plan is to do all the internal taping of the ruddermount before placing the second cockpitfloor panel, instead of doing it later. To me doing it now seems much easier than trying to tape the mount through a temporary hole in the cockpitfloor (as per plans). Or am I missing something here?

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