vrijdag 14 december 2007

Job done

Laminating the lower half of the hull in one go took me 5 hours without any break. Over all I'm quite pleased with the results. No bubbles and as far as I can judge a good resin-cloth ratio.
This is the quality of the laminate I was aiming for.
However, on some spots I just couldn't get this quality. For some reason the cloth kept some wite-ish small spots, no matter how much epoxy I added. The cloth is laying flat against the foam, no bubble. This problem (or is it?) has occured on all laminates till now, pre-wetted or not, pre-coated or not and with and without peelply and plastic. I think it looks a bit like the 'bad' spots Grant (see link section) found when laminating with peelply and plastic.

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Grant zei

Job well done! It looks like you found your technique and I know what a huge sigh of relief that is.

I think I will continue with peel ply as it does soak up some of the extra resin and leaves a surface ready for any coating.