maandag 10 maart 2008

main work on cockpit done

With the coamings in place I only have to double the floor (and do some small things like filling the hatches-edges) to finish the cockpit.
I tried to get a nice picture, but it's not possible to stand back far enough. Hope this one will give an idea.
I have to decide what to do with the coaming aft of the beam mounts. Plans say I can leave a small edge here, or trim the coaming flush with the seat tops. I'm a bit in doubt here. It will be easiest and most 'clean' looking to trim the coaming flush, but without a coaming it will be very easy for things to drop into the water. On the other hand: maybe a 2 cm high ridge won't help much in this respect.
So.... I'l probably trim the coaming flush with the seats, and if that turns out to be a mistake I'll ad a sort of ridge (wood?) later on.

Any ideas are appreciated. Always nice to get real comments in stead of the 'Look Here and Here' spambot-comments.

I also cut the beam mount bolting area flush with the hull. An angled grinder works really well for this kind of jobs (lots of dust, though). As you may notice, most of the pre-molded sides of the beam mount bolting area are cut away, so it's no use to trim the home-molded side beforehand to exactly match the Farrier-molded side (as I have seen some other builders do).

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Tor Rabe zei

I'd really like to have some good arguments for you, but I have been just as indecisive regarding the coamings, with much the same arguments you list. Another con is that a coaming might tend to gather water on the settee.

I have decided to build the aft cabin (when I get to it) and will extend the coamings to the front of the aft cabin.

Love to follow your incredible progress on the blog!

Menno zei

Hi Tor,

I decided to make a small coaming and now it's in place and I can look at it 'in the flesh' I'm pretty sure I made the right decision.

Thanks for the comment and nice to hear you're enjoying the blog.