zondag 30 maart 2008

Interior panels

Getting a bit fed up doing the laminations on the beam mounts, I decided to first do some of the interior panels.
I'm making a straight side on the starboard settee, with three access holes. For this panel I used lighter, cheaper, foam than the standard divinycell whicht turned out to be a big mistake. Very weak and therefore difficult to work with.
Later on I'll probably put in a raised floor. Not fixed, but removable panels resting on some edge glued to the centerboard case and the side panel shown below.
Also test-fitted the storage compartiment panel. It's running parallel with the settee-fronts and on all points at the same height relative to the settee. It looks a bit odd because the hull-side area between the panel and the settee is much wider at the front of the panel than near the main bulkhead. I'll wait a bit and make sure I want to keep the panel like this before taping it in place. I'll have to fill & sand the outside of the beam mounts a bit more before I can glass it. In the right lower corner I used a lot of putty while glassing from the inside. This is handy because it's easy to shape this corner without having to be afraid to sand into the glass.

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