maandag 14 april 2008

cabin floor + wingnet support tube

I've been doing a lot of small tasks lately (finishing taping etc.) with no visible progress. Yesterday however me and my brother Hans got some new items done....

In the centerboard version of the F22 putting in the forward cabin floor is mandatory. I preformed a flange on the 'front' of the floor....
...and used some cheap&light foam to form the other gluing flanges (same trick I used for the cockpit coaming). This week I'll put the floor in.
With the beam mount laminations complete we could continue to glue the wingnet support on the hull. I'm going for the 'tube' option - maybe a bit more difficult to fair, but much cleaner than mounting a support with a whole row of bolts through the hull.
We first tried to locate the position of the tube by guesstimating where the gunwale edge should have been (the edge is gone because I had to round it prior to laminating) but this didn't work very well. Luckily I recently bought a not too expensive laser level - this worked perfect.
Tube in place with some temporary screws and fixed with dots of glue. I'm fitting a tube for the optional bow net as well.
First pass with putty and almost ready for laminating.

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Tor Rabe zei

Looks good! What kind of tube are you using, and where do you get it?

Menno zei


I'm using ordinary electricity-tubing from the local hardware store - probably the most inexpensive part on this boat (about 0,5 euro per meter)!