zondag 20 april 2008

side faired and windows cutout

After glassing the wingnet tubes I could start to fair the cabin sides. First step is to put on some lines of putty with a candybag, and sand them flush to act as a guide for putting on the main layer of putty.After that the putty is put on. I do this in two layers (second layer when the first layer has not totally cured), as the first layer is usually a lot lower than the guiding lines. After that sanding with diagonal movement of the sanding board. I was afraid the laminate of the wingnet tube would be hard to fair, but that turned out to be very easy.
Got to get the hang of the fairing a bit again. I put on a too thin layer of putty. While fairing I (almost) sanded through the layer on a couple of spots too quickly, making it very time consuming to finish the sanding in these areas (got to be very careful round these spots).
To mark the 2,5 cm overlap of the window on the hull it's easiest to just hold the window template 2,5 cm lower and mark the cutout line.
Final result...
I will first fill the edges, and then sand them to get rid of some small jigsawing-swaying.
In the process of cutting out parts for this boat I have ruined countless jigsaw-blades - till now. I switched to using an abrasive jigsaw blades in stead of normal blades, and this works perfect. I read this tip on the tips&tricks section (plywood/glass) of Michael Leneman's site www.multimarine.com.

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Hoi Menno,
Je schiet lekker op.
Ook bij mij duurde het even voordat ik het juiste zaagje te pakken had. Ik gebruik een "special fiber" zaagje Bosch T141HM met ingezette tandjes. Als ik mij goed herrinner zo rond 18 euro. Ook van een ander merk bij de Praxis te krijgen (Piranha geloof ik) Als ik hem niet breek doe ik er jaren mee.
gr, Henny