maandag 14 april 2008

forward bulkhead flange + window templates

I used some leftover divinycell foam to make the mold for the forward beam bulkhead flange. Worked OK, you've only got to use the heat gun a bit to form the lower corner. After laminating the flange I'll use the foam to double the cockpit floor. Trial fit of the templates for the windows. Plans state they should be placed vertical in the middle of the flat side..... ehm right...which middle? We decided to put the aft end of the aft window in the middle, and keep the lower end of the windows parralel with the gunwale line. The windows are about 3,5 cm above the level of the top of the beam mounts (I scribed this line on the hull with the laser level this weekend).
NOTE 20/4/08: the vertical line on the picture below is the position of the main bulkhead. When cutting out the windows I decided to put the windows about 3 cm further back than shown on this picture, as the front of the window was a bit too close to the beam mounts to my liking.I find it difficult to judge if the windows are in the right place. I'd like to stand back a little further, but that's not possible in my workshop.

When I'm satisfied with the place of the window-templates I'll drill some holes to mark their position and then first fair the cabin sides before cutting out the windows.

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