dinsdag 15 januari 2008

Bow bulkhead and main hatch

As I expected, glueing and laminating the bow bulkhead was not a nice job to do (understatement). I made the 'hatch' in the bow bulkhead by laminating a rim on top of the section I cut out of the bulkhead. The hatch will be fastened with screws. You may notice the cutout section is not fully centered. It is 5-7 mm too far to the right. I don't know how this happened. Maybe I made a mistake cutting the section or maybe while fitting the bulkhead I didn't trim the left and right side equally. Luckily it will be out of sight once the anchor well is in place.

The main hatch opening cutout and coamings are glued in place. Nice job to do! A very big hatch (nice). The boat immediately feels much roomier inside.
My plan is to use the cutout section of the roof to make the hatch. It already has the right shape, I only need to add some extra cm's foam at the sides.
My brother is helping me. Here he's forming the foam for the anchorwell. In the plans I'm missing the template for the front of the well. I'll ask Ian about it.

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