maandag 28 januari 2008

main hatch coaming & anchor well

The beam mounts are shipped but haven't arrived yet. In the meantime I'll keep on working on some smaller projects. Like the main hatch coaming.

I first laminated the corners of the hatch coaming, like this.
Also pre-laminated the end of the coaming with tape (this plies much easier than the normal cloth). Like this (tape has to be trimmed yet),

After that it wasn't difficult to laminate the sides and front of the coaming with the specified two layers A. To keep this heavy cloth from lifting in the corners I used the two tricks I know: a bit of putty before laying down the cloth (thanks Jay for this tip) and using plastic over the laminate. As I was still not certain the cloth stayed put I ended up using some pieces of wood and some clamps.

Succes! Glad I can move on to new parts of the boat. It feels like I've been working on the hatch coamings for ages. It proved to be much more work than I thought.

One of the projects is a hull-extention. When I planked the mainhull I figured it didn't matter how far the coamings on the side would extend, as long as they would extend beyond the aft beam bulkhead. Later I received the update of the plans with the instructions for installing the beam mounts, and it seems aft of the aft beam bulkhead a small portion of coaming will be used. So I had to extend the coaming a bit:
More work in progress: laminating the anchor well. I first laminated the outside, let it cure, then the inside, and put the well back on the former to make sure it cured in the right shape.

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