zaterdag 28 maart 2009

Cushion covers.

Sewing the cushions covers is straightforward. First I cut out the top and bottom with the mdf templates I used for cutting the foam. Make them 1 cm wider than the template. This is the distance between the needle of the sewing machine and the side of the foot of the sewing machine. To stich the panels & sides together, just hold them together and make sure while stitching to keep the edge of the fabric at the edge of the sewing machine foot (hope it is clear what I mean).
I used a chalk to mark the outline of the panel on the angled side of the cushion.
I stiched the zipper to the inner side of the fabric.....
.... and then cut the zipper-opening from the outside. Worked well, although I guess you can only do it this way with a fabric dat doesn't fall apart at an edge which is cut.
End result. Have to work a bit to get the cushion cover at exactly the right place, but it seems it will work out fine.

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