maandag 9 maart 2009

Non skid done

Before painting the non skid I first had to apply masking tape. It's very important to use good masking tape, because the thin two pack paint will easily get under the tape. I took care to buy good tape, but still had some leaks. Maybe I'll touch those spots up with a small brush and some white paint but... maybe I won't.

Marking the outline of the non skid on all the sloping areas of the hull is very easy with this tool. I made a small mark on the upper part of the tool, and used that to put some dots on the hull. Then draw a line with a flexible batten and put the masking tape on.
Corners are rounded. Step 1: draw a corner.
Step 2: carefully cut the corner.
Step 3: remove offcut.
End result. The cockpit floor edge looks a bit messy on this picture because the masking tape is still on.

Now it's time for the nice work: bolting on all the hardware. I'm going to wait till my friend Eelco and my brother Hans have time to come and help. They have helped doing all the dirty work, it wouldn't be fair to keep all the nice work to myself.

4 opmerkingen:

Andrew zei

Meno -- looks great. Fun to see you check things off. What did you use for non-skid, and what prep did you do to the (I assume) already painted surface.

Menno zei

I used non-skid powder sold by my epoxy+paint supplier. You mix it through the last layer of your normal (two-pack) paint.

Jay zei

Menno - what kind of handle or lock are you planning to use for the anchor well hatch? Also, are you happy with the strength of the hinges on that hatch? Just curious...


Menno zei

Hello Jay,

I'm not planning to use a handle or lock. I made a hole in the hatch (about 35 mm diameter if I remember correctly) to be able to open the hatch. Most anchor locker hatches I have seen don't have a lock or handle (it will only be in the way).

The hinges seem to be strong enough, but I have to find out in practice after launch. On the photo on this entry you can see the hatch is a bit higer than the deck, so when I bolted them down I put some fiberglass offcuts under the hinges on the deck-side.