dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Foam for cushions

Cutting the foam for the cushions with a hot wire tied to two bolts. I used an ordinary car battery charger. Worked well. Had to jump start the charger with a 9V battery because it will only shut on after it detects a working battery. Current is automatically reduced within working range of the charger; I guess this is standard for most modern chargers.
I first experimented with some electric guitar string as a cutting wire. This didn't work at all so I had to order proper cutting wire - a big difference as you can see on the photo below. I got quite some cutting wire left, so if anyone is interested I can send some by mail. I also have some spare frontrunner fabric (Jay sent me quite a big piece) for the rudder cassette. If anyone is interested, let me know. This stuff is hard to find (at least in Holland).
Trial fit of cushions below. A seperate cushion with lifting straps will go on top of the lid in the front bunk.
To cut the cushions I made wood (MDF) templates of the top and bottom. To make the top templates I measured the angle of the side of the boat every 50 cm and calculated the added width. Extra widht varies between app. 12 cm (in back of cabin) to 1,5 cm (near bow).

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