maandag 1 oktober 2007

CB-case part 2 & transom taped

Yesterday night I taped the centerboardcase in place, so now I can continue fitting the forward bunk top, the settee and the cockpitfloor. Before I can fit the settee I'll have to pre-mold tapes in this area, as this area will be fully enclosed with the settee fitted.
Later I'll have to decide wether I'll make some access hatches in this settee for storage, or just an inspection hatch. Any tips on how-to-make nice looking locker and 'lift-out' hatches are much appreciated. I made the hatch in the front bunk top by cutting the hatch outline, filling the edges in the bunktop and hatch with putty, sanding the edges and laminating a glass rim to lay the hatch in the bunktop. It looks allright, but not super. Is this the way to go, or are there better ways (using a router maybe?).

I also taped the transom. It has to be angled 5 degrees, and Jay shows on his site it's possible to calculate and mark the angle using the law of cosines and a plumb bob.
I used a bit easier method:
Draw a 5 degrees angled triangle on a scrap piece of wood.....
Screw it under a straight-edged piece of 18mm wood, clamp this jig to the topside of the last formframe, and....
clamp the transom on this jig and use a level to make sure the transom is positioned vertical.

This method worked really well. It's fast and the transom is firmly clamped so taping is easy. Beside that the bottom aft end of the transom is exactly alligned with the front end of te form frame as required.

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chrismoller zei

nice idea menno - been watching your progress and was really impressed with the float 'exit' - sent your photos to a friend in estonia. I'm #30 based in groningen - not started yet - but gearing up for during the winter. Greetings Chris

Menno zei

Hallo Chris,

Nice to know there's another builder nearby. Good luck building, and I hope following the f22 sites will help you build your F22.