woensdag 10 oktober 2007

operation 'floppy whale' part 1

After fitting the settee a few days ago and taping the last joints, the hull was ready to be lifted out of the mold.
Tip for other builders: the dimensions given in the plan for the settee, the cockpit-floor and the bunktop are the dimensions for the underside of these panels. Because the hullside is angled a lot where these panels meet the hullside, there is quite a big gap on the topside (at least, if you cut the outer sides of the panels straight, like I did). Of course this gap can be filled while taping, but it's probably easier to cut the outer sides of the panels with a jigsaw angled 45 degrees to make sure the outline of the topside of the panel is a bit larger than the bottom side.

OK. Now for the unmolding of the hull. It turns out to be a bit more work than I thought. Because my workshop is so small, everything has to be done in small steps.
First I had to free the hull from the frames a bit. I thought that would be easy, but it turned out to be the hardest pard. I hoisted the hull with a loop through the centerboardcase and with a line attached to the front beam bulkhead. For no apparent reason the hull seemed to be stuck in the frames, and for no apparent reason it suddenly came loose.
After that me and my friend Eelco started to remove the frames.
....and then it was getting too late to work on. Half of the frames are still on the strongback. I''ll have to remove them first before I can turn the hull-half and lift it out of the way. I hope to finish floppy whale part 2 this week, so I can start on hull-half number 2.

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Hans van der Zijpp zei

Hello Menno,

I'd like to help with operation "floppy whale part two" and also with "operation starting all over".
Please let me know if/when I can help.