donderdag 4 oktober 2007

Forward bunk/cockpitfloor/setteeflange

With the help of my brother I taped some panels.
The cockpitfloor was easy. We had to brace the cockptfloor a bit to keep it straight while taping...
Forward bunktop is also placed. Laminating the bunktop to the centerboardcase was a bit messy work (difficult to reach).
Here is another picture. In real it looks less messy.
By the way: I'm glad we used peelply, because while taping it's really difficult not to spill and leave drops of putty and epoxy all over the place. Much easier working when you know you can peel the ply and get rid of all the spills once the taping is done.
Note the pre-formed flanges on the bunktop. The flanges to glue the sette top are also molded.
Next few days I'll try to do some small taping-jobs, glue the settee top on and fix a HD-doubler at the hole of the pivot-pin on the centerboardcase. After that I can pop this half out of the mold and start building the other half.

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