maandag 22 oktober 2007

lower hull half laminated

Lower hull half has been laminated with the help of my brother. Temperature is dropping in Hollland. I have to use three small heaters to keep the workshop the recommended minimum of 24 hours at minium of approximately 18 degrees C.
I'll plank and laminate this hull half in three steps: first the lower part (done), then the gunwale area and cabin side (in progress) and finally the deck. This will result in one extra glass-overlap compared to the 'two-step' I did on my first hull half, but it's much easier when working alone (better access and smaller areas to laminate).

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Jay zei

Hi Menno,

Looking great - nice progress! Did you do your lamination of the lower hull half in vertical or horizontal sections?

I'm thinking about doing my next hull half in vertical sections -- doing it the other way was difficult, especially working alone.


Menno zei

Hello Jay

I used vertical sections (first half 'I did it your way'). It's much easier. Maybe it will be a bit more difficult to fair, but most of the overlaps will be out of sight anyway because of all the interior and exterior panels.

Good luck finishing your half before winter starts.

Talking about winter-jobs: are you already planning work on the daggerboard and rudder? I'm not sure yet which material I'm going to use (wood or foam) and how to shape them.


Jay zei

Thx Menno. I will try it vertical this next time then.

I have pretty much decided on doing my daggerboard and rudder in wood (they can be replaced later on, if I change my mind). In fact I already have a blank prepared for the daggerboard, but haven't had time for much else. Last time I asked, Ian didn't have the CNC files for the daggerboard and rudder yet, i may do it the old-fashioned way.