maandag 25 februari 2008

cockpit coaming.

Cockpit coaming in place with temporary wood blocks on the in- and outside. I used a level to mark the outline of the inner side of the coaming to the outer side of the coaming (so the top will sit level - hopefully).
To fit the top I need to make some flanges, but how? I think it's a bit tight to do it with a mold (very difficult to get underneath with tape, brush and putty). For places like this I'm tempted to just glue a piece of wood to the inside to make the inside join, but I will resist the temptation and think of something else.
In the coaming-storage area there is a big hole with direct acces to the quarter-bed-area in the hull (as can be seen on the first photo of the last post - you can see the light shining from below). I'll have to do something about this, as the coaming-storage will be accessible from the cockpit and will probably collect a lot of rainwater and I don't want it running into the main hull. To be continued....

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