zondag 10 februari 2008

"Stuck on you"

.....Guess I'm on my way.... hum hum hum
I didn't have time this week to get much work done, but yesterday I glued the beam mounts in place. So now they're stuck on the hull and I hope at all the right angles and distances.

I checked with Ian Farrier about the protruding area at the front mount (see foregoing post), and this is indeed how it's supposed to be.
He sent a very helpful sheet with some distances to check, as I did, and all was well. Having this kind of backup by the designer while building is a big advantage and adds a lot of value to the plans, which are by the way already excellent and very good value for money in their own right.

I do not have a clear idea how much misalignment can be mended when installing the beams. Reading the plans is not really reassuring ('1 mm error is acceptable' - 'oh that's nice, I only erred 0,5 mm'). Honestly I find it hard to believe I can build all these big pieces together with this kind of accuracy. I just do the best I can and hope the best will be good enough.

As an extra to the standard jigs I made a square panel between the front and aft beam mounts, to be absolutely sure the centerpoint fore and aft is accurate and to be sure the mounts are all aligned square. With this and all the other jigs in place, I couldn't think of anything to improve the accuracy of the alignment so it was gluing time.
I spy with my little eye and it is....
...a piece of foam in the upper strut recess, sanded flush to use as a mold for putty-filling + protection from putty getting into the recess.

Looks like the A-team is building a boat, right? We taped some foam as mold plates to assist the filling. It didn't come out quite the way I hoped, but this will be easily mended with one extra go of putty from the outside.

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