maandag 18 februari 2008

paranoia & "hey stupid" part 4

The building is slowing down lately, mainly because I've been neglecting my normal work a bit in favor of the building, and now have to catch up with some tasks at the office. Also I've lost a lot of time just standing and looking at the mounts, wondering if they were glued in place accurately enough.

I found it harder than I thought to get the job done right. After removing the jigs I found out the rear beam mounts were a massive 1 - 1,5 degrees out of line (vertically). I probably relied too much on the jigs and should have worked harder to check with the level. Stupid, stupid, I know.
Problem is the area which can be used best for this check is the beam bolting area, and this area is covered by the jigs when you glue the mounts to the hull.

The devil inside kept saying "Don't bother, just let it be or pull the mount in line a bit when laminating the walls of the mounts." but in the end I probably did the clever thing (at least for my ease of mind). I cut the bracket bolting area loose. With the mounts only fitted to the beam bulkhead, which has a bit of play as it is only fixed on the bottom side, I could quite easily position the mounts leveled right (few mm repositioning at the top) and glued them again to the hullside.

Then it was finally time to do the lamination. Looks quite messy like this, doesnt it? Next post I'll show the mount cleaned and trimmed, guess it will look much better.

My cunning plan is to fill the outside gaps with the mold still in place. This should give a nice clean & straight outer edge to work on when doing the outside laminations.
I had another "paranoia" moment when I put a G10-tube into the UFS pivot holes, and noticed on one mount the tube was not pointing straight forward, but was clearly visible bearing away to the center of the boat. This was caused by the two holes in the mount being about 1 mm (2,5 degrees) out of line.
Being - as I know now: overly - concerned about any error and misalignment in the folding system, I mailed Ian Farrier about it. Got a very quick and comprehensive answer, explaining among other things it's difficult to get the alignment of those holes exactly right every time, and given the play in the bushing of the pivot-pin it's not necesarry to alter or fix it. If I want I can fix it though......but I think I'll pass.

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