dinsdag 19 februari 2008

cockpit panels

With the laminations on one beam mount ready, I can move on fitting the cockpit panels. Something I've been looking forward to do for a long time.
I used a router to cut out the hatches in the cockpit seat fronts.
It worked well, it's a neater job than working with the jigsaw. A bit work to make the mold, but after that it's easy and fast to route out the four identical hatches.
Trial fit of the panels. After only a little bit of trimming all panels fit well.
A bit of trimming and removing of excess glassfiber makes the beam mount look a lot better. It's a shame I didn't remove the hygrometer (black thing) when taking the picture. It's blocking the view on my, ahem, excellent glassing job.
Filling the gap between the hull and the molds from the outside before removing the molds paid of: a nice straight edge to work on in the future.
Thursday I will take a day of and my brother will come and help me, so I hope to make good progress that day. Till then no time for building.

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