maandag 4 februari 2008

Things I have to attach in a certain way to the hull, part 1.

It wasn't too hard and actually good fun to laminate extensions on some things I have to attach to the hull. To do the topside extensions I found it easy to clamp the things to some timber with some extra pieces of something as a spacer. I'm not going to show you exactly how I did it. You just have to experiment yourself and you'll probably see.
As other builders I didn't want to drill holes in these things to attach the mold, and used clamps instead on the first two things. This is pointless. The things have to be drilled anyway to attach some other things later on. So it's much easier - as I did with two other similar things - to just drill the holes and attach the mold with bolts.
I tried to find a bolt with the correct thickness to attach the things to something else. Apparently, a bolt with this certain thickness is not readily available in Europe, probably because we use the metric system and not feet, inches, stones, pounds, miles and the like. Anyway, instead I used a tube with the correct diameter and a bolt fitting exactly in it. Succes! Anyone building in Europe can have mine to save some time and money once I'm done with the abovementioned things. Just let me know.
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