zondag 24 februari 2008

port cockpit seat

Port cockpit fronts and cockpit seat are glued in place. I decided not to make mold flanges to glue the seat on, but to tape all joints through the hatches in the cockpit fronts, as this is probably a bit stronger than gluing to a flange.
I'll first finish the whole port side before moving on to the starboard side, so I can first discover the best way to do it and not make the same mistakes twice......
... like forgetting to bevel and round the edges of the mount-gap in the cockpitseat prior to fitting: now I have to grind the edge from the inside/underside. Not fun work.
Forward hatch opening has been cut out. I'll probably just bed the hatch on some putty to keep it as low as possible, and not make a big foam/glass coaming.

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